Focus on innovation, not reinventing the wheel.

Submarine’s flexible API handles the boilerplate and complexity of commerce experiences, leaving you to focus on work that matters.

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A platform designed for builders

We know the headaches developers typically face when building out new experiences on the Shopify platform - because we’ve done it ourselves.

Submarine has been composed with developer experience front of mind.

API First

Whether it’s client-side via our Customer and Storefront APIs, or server-side via our Admin APIs, we’re focused on providing you with the flexibility and control to build what you need without getting in your way.

Deep Integration

Submarine leverages Shopify’s native functionality wherever possible to provide a streamlined experience that’s compatible with the broader ecosystem.

Dedicated Support

From kick-off to launch, you can collaborate with our engineering team to get informed answers from folks who’ve been in your shoes.

Build, Automate & Extend

Submarine offers the building blocks you need to compose truly customisable experiences.

Domain Model

We abstract common domain concepts - subscriptions, campaigns, payment methods - and handle universal boilerplate functionality like scheduling, billing, and workflow execution.

Storefront API

A simple client-facing API that exposes the full range of Submarine functionality to customers via web or mobile in a secure, authenticated manner.

Admin API

For more custom integrations, our Admin API offers developers access to the full range of Submarine functionality - from order generation to customer payment management to upsells.

Shopify Flow

We expose a wide range of Shopify Flow triggers and actions to allow zero code workflow building and integration with hundreds of applications out of the box.

“Submarine's a platform built by developers for developers - they understand the pain points of ecommerce tooling because they've been in those trenches themselves.”

Glen Gillen

Director of Product, Hashicorp

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